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We need a MOD SQUAD!

Xena Palace needs moderators and I don't just want one or two. I want a bunch of 'em, so no-one has to work too hard. And I want a broad spectrum so that everyone is represented. Think you got what it takes?

- Do you like talking to people?
- Have you tact and diplomacy?
- Do you have spare time on weekends (and possibly during the week if this chat takes off, but not likely)?
- Do you have any experience in chatting environments, like IRC or similar? (Not vital, as I can train you).

I'm looking for the following in the mod spectrum:

- Two Ares/Xena fans
- Two Xena/Gabrielle fans
- Two 'Misc' Fans (Either Bitexters, Fence-sitters, Gen fans, etc).

I'm looking for six mods, but if I get more or less, I don't mind. What I really want is people that aren't going to let fandom beliefs get in the way of fair play on Xena Palace.

If you're interested, fill out the following form and send it to nlgroovegirl(a)gmail.com or paste a reply here in this post.


Handle on XOC/TX (not essential):
Fandom Pairing (if any):
Experience (mod, chat or otherwise):
Tell me why you want to be a mod for Xena Phalanx Chat:
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