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Welcome to the Xena_Palace Community!

The old Xena Warrior Palace was a great source of fun and a bright spot of unification in the Xenaverse. With the new comics coming out and new fans popping up all the time, I thought it was time to bring back the Palace and hopefully, bring Xena fans together.

Aims of the Xena Phalanx/PalaceChat Palace:

- To provide a friendly, warm environment where all fans can come together and talk about their favourite show.
- To provide a space for other organised parties (websites, fanclubs, etc) to hold online social events.
- To hopefully create a mixing pot where different fandom factions can get to know each other.

I'll be posting a draft list of rules and you'll be more than welcome to comment and make your suggestions. I'll also be finalising the Rooms list, that is, places you can explore in the Palace environment. I'll also be updating you on the progress of new rooms as I make them.

Until then, Battle On!

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