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Rules For the Palace Chat

Hey girls and guys!

Here's a rough draft of the rules (Charter?) of Xena Phalanx Chat!

Rules of Xena: Phalanx Chat

1. No debates! This is a debate-free zone! If you want to debate, go to the Debate Forum specified in the Rooms List. The rest of the Palace is a safe-zone. So if someone is there and they say something about the show you disagree with, you mustn't fight with them about it. Expressing, politely and with respect, your alternate view is fine. That is where it ends. I expect adult behaviour in the Palace.

2. No Ship Dominance. No relationship on the show is more important than the other within the confines of Phalanx Chat. It is a *general* chat area. If you want to spaz out about your favourite couple (whoever they are), you can go to one of the specially designated rooms. The only exception to this is if a representative of said ship organizes a special event to celebrate said ship (eg. Subtexter Night, AX Shippers Night, GJ Night, etc).

3. Small icons in crowded rooms. When there are more than ten people in the room, please use an icon of two-by-two prop squares. Keep it small so we can all fit in comfortably.

4. Keep language reasonably clean. Swearing is not a problem, but let's keep it pretty clean, okay guys? I don't want vulgar discussions or behaviour.

5. No X-rated or explicit props. Keep them clean, thanks!

6. No Comic Spoilers! There's a new comic coming out. No spoilers in regards to said comic! If you must talk about the comic, take it to the Comic Spoiler Room! :D

7. Respect for All. This needn't be said but I'll say it anyway. Please show respect to ALL your fellow Xena fans. We all love the show, sometimes in ways different from other people. If I hear of any bullying or cruel treatment, there *will* be consequences.

8. Bannination. The breaking of any of these rules will result in a banning of 30 minutes. If a user is caught breaking the rules more than three times, they will be banned for a week. Moderators will discuss the problem with the offender to make sure that the issue is dealt with in a fair and personable manner. We're not robots and neither are you - we like to figure these things out.

Assurance of Fairness.

The Wizard Team consists of representatives of different areas of fandom. Everyone is represented and so if any big decisions need to be made, as many views of the fandom will be considered.


If you have anything to add or to contest, please feel free to comment to this post.
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