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W00t! Room news!

Hey all!

Thought I'd throw out there that I contacted one of the co-creators of the fantastic multi-media games "Wrath of the Gods" and he's letting me use screen-shots for some rooms! This is super GREAT news as some of the scenery in that game is just perfect.

I'm going the extra step and making sure that when I get an official website up for the Palace, I'll put a banner in leading to mythweb, the current retailers of Wrath of the Gods. Cause I love the game to bits and think everyone should have the fun of being a combination of all the most fun Greek heroes. Seriously. You fight the chimaera, Medusa, fly on Pegasus, face off the minotaur, leap over bulls and inherit a kingdom (if you're clever). And you can consult a snarky Oracle of Delphi. Too cool, huh?!

Betsy Book has also let me use the original graphics of the old Palace chat. I don't know which I'll be using as I'm keen to have a light, fun and airy feel to this palace and the old one had some rather gloomy rooms, but it's a huge help to me. Thank you, Betsy. You're always a help!

I hope you all have a great holiday season! Happy Solstice, folks!

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Hiya! I just came across this comm, had no idea it existed yet...maybe ya might wanna post about it to xenites? :) Someone (you?) had posted about bringing Palace back, but didn't say there was a community for it.

I wasn't sure if xenites allowed comm invites. :T
As long as they're related to Xena or a Xena cast member, no problem! :) (And I'm the mod, so what I say goes, lol.) I see you posted there now, yay, thanks!

So when will the Palace be up, and where? Or is it already?
Uhm, I have to raise the money for the six months fee, so I'll be saving my own money and having an account open for donations on Paypal. Those that help out will go on the Honour Wall (which is a chat room with names of those that've helped make the palace).
Ah, I didn't realize there was a cost...I might try to donate when I have some more money again.
It won't be much - only 10-20 bucks per month, and if you pay in a package you get a discount. I'll be linking to the site that I'm going to be buying from so people know how much I'm going to be spending. If I do a donation thing I want my finances to be totally transparent to those wanting to know.
Kewl. You'll post here when all this happens, right? :)
Indeed I will! I have to build all my rooms first, though. :)