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W00t! Room news!

Hey all!

Thought I'd throw out there that I contacted one of the co-creators of the fantastic multi-media games "Wrath of the Gods" and he's letting me use screen-shots for some rooms! This is super GREAT news as some of the scenery in that game is just perfect.

I'm going the extra step and making sure that when I get an official website up for the Palace, I'll put a banner in leading to mythweb, the current retailers of Wrath of the Gods. Cause I love the game to bits and think everyone should have the fun of being a combination of all the most fun Greek heroes. Seriously. You fight the chimaera, Medusa, fly on Pegasus, face off the minotaur, leap over bulls and inherit a kingdom (if you're clever). And you can consult a snarky Oracle of Delphi. Too cool, huh?!

Betsy Book has also let me use the original graphics of the old Palace chat. I don't know which I'll be using as I'm keen to have a light, fun and airy feel to this palace and the old one had some rather gloomy rooms, but it's a huge help to me. Thank you, Betsy. You're always a help!

I hope you all have a great holiday season! Happy Solstice, folks!

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